Youtube & Facebook ban and delete David Icke

Youtube & Facebook ban and delete David Icke

In the words of Henry Ford, the legendary american businessman and industrialist… ” There is nothing that the international Jew fears so much as the truth, or any hint of the truth about himself or his plans.”

Faceberg and Jewtube banned the conspiracy realist David Icke the other day. To be honest, this isn’t  surprising news to me at all and I don’t know how David lasted as long as he did on either platform. He was lucky to have survived as long as he did in my opinion. I definitely know the feeling of being de-platformed, and let me tell you, it sucks to have all your content, followers and posts just wiped clean, pff, gone like you were never there.

It’s an absolute crime the government isn’t forcing or imposing fines on twitter, google, you tube, Instagram and Facebook to comply with the first amendment that is free speech, but the government is controlled by the same Jewish technocracy that controls the social media giants, so we are basically screwed on this unless Trump surprises us and puts big tech in it’s place. All of the major social media companies could easily be taken out of the hands of free speech hating supremacist Jews and put in control of a governmental body that promotes and ensures free speech. President Trump could easily do this by simply nationalizing and seizing the assets of these companies. But don’t hold your breath for that to happen, at-least as long as Kushner remains in the White-House.

Youtube’s CEO is the Jewess Susan Wojcicki and Facebook’s CEO is the Jew Mark Zuckerberg – Coincidence? I think not

There is no such thing as free speech on any of these so called social media outlets. They are all controlled from the top down by free speech hating Jews that do not want the ‘goyim’ finding out about the Jewish problem which is at the center of all our major problems in the world, so they ban anti-Jewish truth tellers like myself and others.

A Limited Hangout is better than no hangout at all…i guess

So let’s talk about David Icke for a bit. He’s been around for a very long time, well over 20 years now, writing loads of books in great detail breaking down the new world order and and exposing the (((global elite))), but unfortunately, David never just comes out and states the obvious, that the New World Order is Jewish and it’s key architects are the Jews, the ones really running the world.  I suggest the reason he avoids stating the obvious facts about JEWS is not because he’s controlled opposition, but is just acting selfish in the financial sense and knows his business model built on being a conspiracy theorist guru would crumble apart, quickly.

In order to keep his sponsors, advertisers and business model alive he instead uses codewords for Jewry like Reptillians, Rothschild Zionists and now his most current used code word to date, Sabbatean Frankists, which is getting much closer in terms of his work to identifying the Jews.  It is unfortunate that David continues to lie and obscure facts surrounding Adolf Hitler and WW2, and it makes me churn inside every time he conflates fascism with the current Jewish tyranny we are living under now, but like I said, he has been doing so in order to stay financially viable within the Jewish controlled realm of social media, and as we can see, that isn’t working anymore. At this point, David really has nothing to lose and should just come out with it already that Judaism is just rotten to the core and that Jews have been expelled from 109 countries throughout history,  well before the modern Zionist state of Israel was ever created.

Because even though David doesn’t outright come out and name and blame Jews for the NWO , he still presents enough solid information to put all his readers on a path towards eventually finding out about them. And that is why he is now getting deleted permanently from social media. Like I said, I’m honestly surprised Icke lasted as long as he did on Youtube and Facebook. To be fair, I will say the guy has done as much as he can within his ability to continue making a decent living while getting as close as possible to directing people towards the Jews. He recently released a new book correctly blaming Israel for the 9/11 attacks and kudos to him for that. Although much of the information was borrowed from Chris Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 and simply repackaged with different verbiage, it still looks bretty gud.


Elizabeth Dilling: A True American Patriot

We’ve now entered into a new period where those in the alternative media and red-pilling business are no longer safe from getting deplatformed or staying financially viable by just using vague terms like ‘globalists’ and ignoring the Jewish Question. We’ve seen this with the elimination of Alex Jones from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. I predict Roosh V will be the next to get deleted off of Youtube. The Jewish technocracy that runs Silicone Valley and it’s army of hasbara trolls and moderators are now in full-blown communist DELETE-IT-ALL-MODE and censoring everyone who dares to offer any kind of opinion on culture, politics or history that differs in any way from the ‘official narrative’ formed by the Jewish controlled mainstream media.

It’s quite ironic to see the Jewish controlled mainstream media in America complaining about China censoring it’s citizens and journalists when it is doing that very exact same thing here in the west! Of course though, the excuse used by the Jewish mass media in the West to justify the online censorship is that since YouTube, Facebook,twitter etc.. are private companies, it’s perfectly legal to silence it’s users!  LOL what insane hypocrisy. 

As much of a disappointment Trump has been in fulfilling his America-First agenda, I do think one thing we have to be grateful for is that as as long as he is president there won’t be any new EU styled hate-speech laws rolled out to criminalize so called ‘anti-semitism‘. But his lack of action to regulate big tech into adhering to the first amendment is a massive dereliction of duty, and if such action is not taken during his assumed to be second term, the internet as we grew up with will be gone forever and turned into something similar to that of cable television, where all the information presented to you is jewish approved and nothing outside of the jewish-hivemind is ever permitted to slip through. The darkweb that the Dailystormer has almost been entirely forced to operate on will be our only refuge to surf the tubes. Stay strong and trust in Christ. Neon out.

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