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As a young man almost entering into his 30’s trying to survive and get by in the world, I know that it can be extremely depressing, stressful and challenging to get through the day. There have been those days where I don’t even want to wake up in the morning and when bedtime arrives it feels as if sleep is a gift itself, a ticket to temporarily escape this hellscape of degeneracy we call ‘The West’. But we must be men, be spiritually disciplined and face the day headstrong like our ancestors did before us. Here are a few tips of advice to help keep you sane, strong and satisfied in a rigged society determined to corrupt and destroy your mind, body and soul.

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Faith: Developing a spiritual foundation of faith in Jesus Christ will get your life on the proper footing forward. You will feel peace and have contentedness with your present circumstances, no matter how stressful and rough things are around you at this present time. When you trust in Jesus, your goals will become more obtainable, hobbies much more enjoyable and your moods more pleasant. You’ll appreciate the little things in life much more.  A cup of coffee in the morning with a family member, a moment of reflection during the sunset, dusting off a video game you haven’t played in awhile etc… You’ll know what I mean. Setting aside some time for personal prayer and bible reading for a good 15-20 minutes every morning and night  before you go to sleep will also help make you feel much better, stronger and load you with the spiritual ammunition needed to help you conquer the day. (I would like to recommend this excellent bible app if you are always on the smartphone)

Don’t be so down on yourself, a lot of us are in the same boat. We are drifting, college is too expensive and brainwashes you to be a good liberal goy anyways,  jobs are shitty that don’t pay much at all, and most women are arrogant whores going around town dressed in their insanely immodest yoga pants, rudely ignoring all the men around them, addicted to the attention they receive all day on their smartphones from pathetic simps bidding for their nudes. It’s rough out there, I know.

Our generation of 20 something year old’s have inherited a dystopian nightmare from the hedonistic boomers.

They allowed the (((globalists))) via usury, open-borders, free-trade and feminism to decimate the paradigm our grandfathers once had – to have a good-paying job with a pension that payed enough to own a nice home with a yard, own a car and have a wife who actually wasn’t a total bitch that cleaned and cooked for you. That is all gone now. Lots of us are single, some living with our parents still, just getting by and hardly have any resources to start a family of our own. I sometimes wish we could just rewind a few decades back in time…


Stop drinking alcohol, it is full of estrogen and will feminize you. Beer will literally give you man-tits. Stop smoking weed. It will cloud your better judgement and undermine your masculinity. Remember, you have Jesus to depend on and don’t need that other garbage. I know life can be stressful and we’re all looks for ways to escape sometimes, but you have the Lord, hang in there. 

This is what our masters would prefer you to be like…


I absolutely cannot recommend enough to stop watching porn and to STOP masturbating. Once you do that you will start to feel more masculine and take everything else in your life more seriously, especially your relationship with Jesus,  your family and friends. 

And just forget about these stupid whores, focus on yourself and your family! It’s pointless to even entertain the idea of a serious long term relationship with a woman or engage with random thots in our current ZOG no-fault divorce system that allows women to tyrannize men. We’re just enabling them so stop feeding them attention. They crave attention like a yid does shekels. Don’t give it to them. Be stern and aware of their parasitic ways, just like you are of the yid. Focus on the Lord and everything else will fall into place for you, trust me. 

Spread truth, get involved with your local community and church, find hobbies like fitness, reading, video games, nature walking, reading and relaxing at a coffee shop etc. Stay close with any family you have, especially brothers or sisters. Call them everyday, text them, whatever. Just don’t let a resource grabbing front-hole worm her way into your life because you are feeling lonely. If you have family around there’s no excuse to feel lonely. You’ll be thanking me when that buddy of yours calls you up and lets you know about the divorce rape and theft of his kids that ‘his girl’ is putting him through.

When we follow Christ we are finally able to stop perceiving our self-worth in material/earthly terms (social status/job/level of wealth) . Instead we are born again and become rich spiritually, more rich than the Rothschild’s could ever dream of being. That’s right. You and me have more wealth than the Rothschild’s or any other hooknosed globalist banker could ever dream of having. It’s called spiritual wealth, and it comes from the Holy Spirit.

The Rothschild clan and the rest of the tribe are spiritually bankrupt, we are spiritually wealthier than they are. That is why they are trying so hard to destroy Christianity via promoting every kind of abomination imaginable – think transgenderism,homosexuality,pornography etc…

The last thing the (((globalists))) want is a reemergence of a real Christianity that is faithful to the teachings of Christ. (((They))) of all people understand that if the Holy Spirit is guiding us, we will win. They keep strict tabs on such things. I will be posting more on the spiritual warfare side of things this week, but for now I want you to be be happy and hopeful in the Lord despite the ever-worsening clown world order closing in on us all.

Fitness – The natural anti-depressant

Exercise and physical fitness have been a huge cornerstone of my life ever since I turned 16. And let me tell you, I cannot recommend enough for you the importance of physical exercise. Do I really even have to explain to you why you should want to workout? And no, I’m not telling you to become vainly obsessed with your looks and that you have to have huge muscles or be in the gym all day. I’m just saying, don’t eat a ton of shit, try to fast a few hours a day, stay lean, at the least do 30 minutes of exercise daily.  Some cardio, such as jumping rope (jumping rope is much better than running imo), some dumbbells, pullups, situps, pushups. Stick with the basics! You can do all those things at home if you don’t like the gym! No need to get all complicated. Keep your workout routine simple. You will feel more confidant and have clarity of the mind that no evil big pharma produced anti-depressant could ever give you. And besides, the (((globalists))) want you to be a fat slob so you’re less of a threat to them, did you not know that obesity lowers the human IQ?! Well it does. So stick it to the globalists and break a sweat! (PS. Don’t just workout to try to impress women and gain their attention. That is a mistake many men make, including myself at one time. Exercise for yourself and stay practical with your workout. Huge muscles for the sake of attracting women will not make you happy, because women do not care about looks as much as they care about money and resources. They truly are the jews of the genders and will exchange you for something they perceive as better when the opportunity arises, think Harvey Weinstien. In the old-days you’d at least be able to scare her out of making such a decision with a good beating, but with today’s ZOG domestic violence laws, you’re shit-out-of-luck, big guy…))

Although for now we have lost almost total control and influence to the (((globalists))) over the direction of our governments, economies and cultures, we do still very much have control over our body, mind and soul. The key to success of maintaining and keeping healthy all of those things is simple. Faith, Fitness and Family. 

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