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the covid 1984 lockdown exposes that our public parks and beaches don’t belong to the public…

Throughout this insane and retarded Covid-1984 lockdown, American’s have found out very quickly that their parks and beaches don’t in fact belong to them. So who do they belong to? The Judeo-Satanic central bankers who create all of our money. You need to understand that the money used by city governments to finance the construction and upkeep of our cities, parks and beaches is borrowed at heavy interest from smaller private owned banks interconnected with the Rothschild Federal Reserve system, so therefore, the FED owns all of our cities and everything in them.

We are now intruding guests and easy-to-squeeze tenants in the eyes of these evil central bankers that have highjacked our nation through usury. Only a small amount of our taxes go towards funding anything useful, most of the taxes we pay actually go towards paying the interest off of loans that our city, state and federal government borrows from the private banks.

This is why American infrastructure increasingly gets shittier and shittier every decade and is rarely ever updated to modern standards. Because the government has to earmark so much of it’s tax revenue collected from the goyim towards debt owed to the private jewish owned banks. This could all be avoided so easily if the government simply issued it’s own interest and debt free credit. There’d be no interest or debt to pay banks, billions could instead be spent on the progress of humanity! 

2020 is the new 1984 –

The spiritual descendants of the Jewish central bankers who financed and organized the bloodiest and most horrific revolution of all human history, the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, are now controlling the United States and have seized  power of the media, government, military, intelligence, and police. The only thing stopping these bloody-thirsty central bankers from unleashing a new red terror against America is the second amendment, which they are working hard to destroy. Covid-19 is their latest falseflag weapon to destroy what’s left of American freedom and wealth. This is why police are militarized and out of control. (((They)))are hellbent on permanently securing their monopoly over credit creation and destroying the white race, this is what covid-19 is really about. Destroying freedom and the race that cherishes it the most, whites.

To get an idea of what these Satanic-Jewish control freaks envision our near future society to be like, take a look at the movie Elysium, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of where we’re heading.

Yes, we will very soon have 5g interlinked ZOG serving robot police ruling over all of us. The Judeo-Globalist connected tech company BostonDynamics has been working on these things for a long time. They already have their phase 1 prototypes rolled out in some parts of Asia. Lord help us! We will need it.

– COMING SOON TO A TOWN NEAR YOU ! zog/nwo police state 2.0 is here

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If covid-19 was a real pandemic, the southern border would be closed, not open.

It’s so ironic to see the very same liberals and democrats who are always cheer leading for open borders, now suddenly demanding that people remain locked down in their homes and our entire society be shut down forrrevvverrr over the flu. Assuming this virus is as lethal as the judeo-globalist media claims it to be, and assuming it really came from China, then it is they who are guilty and responsible for letting this ‘pandemic’ to happen. But no, they will never admit to their hypocrisy which is that their leftist views are unfounded in logic. The only logic to their way of thinking is white-genocide.

If our politicians really cared about it’s citizens safety , it would not be permitting a vicious lock down that is destroying it’s own citizens freedom and jobs over a virus proven to be no more dangerous than the flu. It would instead be imposing a much more NEEDED LOCK-DOWN on the southern border and stopping the millions of immigrant filth from pouring over the southern border that are rapidly transforming America into a shit-hole third world country.  But no, 90% of those in congress are soulless pedophiles blackmailed into submission by a hundred other Epstein’s out there running mossad honeypot sting operations  This is our political reality.

Our Founding Fathers would be disgusted to see what pathetic slaves we’ve become… they revolted over much less serious grievances…

We must say no to the plandemic and the new world order they’re trying to create out of it. If there’s pro-freedom protests in your area, go there!

The Americans that are pro-freedom and protesting the Orwellian covid-1984 lockdown look to be majority white from the pictures I’ve seen. It is mostly majority brown areas of the country that are totally surrending their freedom to ZOG. Which is the exact reason why ZOG wants to replace white Americans with unlimited bean people from the third world. THEY ARE EASIER TO CONTROL FOR SATAN’S CHOSEN ONES.

COVID-19 reveals also mass stupidity of fat Jewmerika

It’s funny to see obese people wearing masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus lol. They’re eating themselves into the grave but now suddenly concerned for their health now? The irony is just ridiculous. Perhaps this plandemic will serve as a wake up call for fat people to finally lose some weight, but that probably won’t happen unless food shortages begin to get worse. 

It’s fat whites who give credibility to the jewish term ‘goyim’. I shouldn’t have to say this, but if you don’t do some physical fitness, even just 20 minutes a day of something, then shame on you. Stay fit and take care of your health, don’t be a stupid goyim cattle like the Jews say you are. Prove them wrong and take care of yourself as the Lord commands !

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” – Corinthians 6:19


I believe this Vaccine (((They))) have planned for the goyim will be specifically designed to trigger cancer in whites over-time. As with immigration, the highly anticipated covid vaccine will be another weapon in the arsenal of the Jewish elites to wipe out millions of more White Christians at a lightning speed rate.

Can you imagine all those nurses vaccinating the population, thinking they are doing the right thing, while they don’t have a clue what they’re actually injecting..?  It’s bizarre.
I think it might be one of the reasons why they are constantly praising hospital workers, in order to gain more trust from the population to get vaccinated by these life-saving’ nurses.

Congress intoduced new bill – HR 6666 …Seriously, this is real.

It gives 100 billion dollars to schools, churches and medical buildings, the only way is to agree by contract that they will only allow people into their facilities that have the covid 19 vaccination, are tested and tracked. It’s on congress.gov ! See it for yourself here if you don’t believe me.

comment from Israel Shamir –

“This is probably the biggest success of Satan since the Crucifixion. It is the great apostasy, as was prophesised. We can’t possibly estimate the result of this mega-event, but certainly some of the people behind the lockdown are aware of it. It is hardly a coincidence that Bill Gates chose the number containing 666 for his patent, that he called for stamping (tattooing) all men with an invisible seal, just as the prophecy suggested.

Vhs 666 satan GIF - Find on GIFER

We are not powerless. The DOJ has been mobilised by President Trump to support opening of the churches. The churches and the worshippers are meek, while its enemies are brazen. The faithful should be more insistent, unless we agree that our faith should vanish or take a very modest place next to other entertainments. The examples of Church of Sweden and the Church of Belarus prove that it was possible to observe Easter. It was our fault that it was not done everywhere.

The promotion of PornHub is a clearly Satanic quality of the lockdown. The love between man and woman as it was started by Adam and Eve is the first great mystery. The Jewish Cabbala deems it the most important.

Not only are same-sex relations sinful, they damage the very structure of our world and its relation to the Almighty. Cabbalists say that the sexual union of man and woman, of husband and wife, is a mirror image of divine love. Locking people up in their homes, the prohibition of closeness, the promotion of pornography, feels like an intentional attack on a very important mainstay of humanity and its relation to God.

These attacks should be halted as soon as possible so our sons and daughters will once again be able to run to their beloveds. Opening churches and allowing people to meet and join together is not just important, it is paramount to save mankind from the second Fall.”

We must resist this scamdemic and say no to their new world order !

So good to see some Americans are resisting the #scamdemic !

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